Explain storytelling assignment in childcare for Ireland students

The storytelling is a form of art and to make someone learn something from it is another form of art. The childcare courses in FETAC and QQI give assignments of story-telling. So the students must know the various aspects of story-telling, benefits of story-telling, and what type of stories should be told to the child. Sometimes it’s very challenging for the students and they get help with assignment writing. In this article, we are discussing the story-telling in childcare development.

Benefits of story-telling in childcare

There are various benefits of story-telling in the development of a child and childcare. The mind of the child is at the peak of the learning things so the story-telling can impact the mind and actually develop if it is told in a proper way. 

• Develop a companionship and identity

The children develop a sense of companionship when they listen to the stories in the company of others. The children share information about themselves and others to gain knowledge of others and their cultures; this is how they feel value in the company of others.  

• Create a bond with adults

The children learn to understand their own feelings and others’ they develop a relationship with adults and other children outside their home environment. They start to build knowledge about the world around them. They sense a sense of comfort while listening to the stories.

• Develop relationship

The children form a relationship with the adults and other children through a different types of communication like verbal or non-verbal. They start to understand gestures, body movement, facial expression, and language which help in developing their overall vocabulary. While listening to stories or telling them they might even think creatively and can share their ideas for the stories.

• Development of thought process

When the children learn about the culture and the other children in their community, they start learning the concept of the change while growing up. This information should be gathered and use to develop their cognitive and physical skills. They start expressing their feeling and thoughts. They learn to recognize letters, words, and even sentences. The children start asking questions and analysing things themselves.

What type of stories should be told to children?

• Stories from Nature: These type of stories are light and have a lesson which develops the importance of nature among children.

• Go back in time: Children love history and about the old times, it develops a thought process among them as they start to think because the story is not of recent times.

• Personal life: Children love to relate, how you used to play, eat, study, etc. fascinates them

• Folktales of other cultures: This type of story helps them to learn about other cultures.

There are various changes that happen when children listen to a story and a lot of development can be done through story-telling in childcare. While doing the childcare course many students seek help for storytelling assignment childcare and score good grades with the assistance of the experts.

Effectiveness of online learning for Irish students

While the recent pandemic outbreak the trend and culture of online classes have blown up as compared to any other time of the world. Colleges and universities in Ireland and all around the world have started offering online learning options. Students have also adapted this new offer and pattern very enthusiastically as it involves the technology and the students of today’s era are fond of the technology. My assignment help previously discussed the effectiveness of the online learning for Irish students and we are summarizing it in this article to give the brief idea of the points

  1. Remote learning

The remote learning has opened the door of education to even more students around the world. The geographical boundaries are almost vanished because of the remote learning programs. A student from all over the world applies to various universities of their dream and can actually get graduated or can get other degrees from the college and the universities.  

  1. More engaging then offline learning

Online learning involves technology and we all know that there are various ways to explain any subject with the help of the technology. The teacher while present in the class might not explain practically or effectively without the use of the technology. There are various methods in which the learning experience can be enhanced with involves learning through fun quizzes, games, and more.

  1. Faster feedbacks

The students now feel more connected to their teachers and tutor. It feels like someone is teaching them personally and taking care of their doubt. So, the feedback process on the assessment and assignment has also become very fast and effective. Now the students don’t have to wait for the results or the feedback they get it instantly or faster than earlier.

  1. It is Cheaper eventually

If a student is pursuing an online course or involved in a distance learning program then the eventual cost of the course will be a way less than the traditional way of pursuing the course, the cost of the transportations for the college, the food cost in the hostel, the rents of a rented apartment and a lot more. There were a lot more expenses other than the college fees and assignments. They all are now minimized and can be neglected due to the effectiveness of online learning.

  1. Control over schedule

The students have control over their schedule more than earlier, the time taken to arrive at the college and coming back, the lunch timing, and a lot more. Unless it is a live session of a class or seminar in which you have to present at the time. Students can have the ease and flexibility at their home which is one of the major perks of the online class.

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Reflection essay writing benefits for QQI Students

Student faces much writing during their academics. Professors assess students in many ways and one of them is a reflection essay. Reflection writing is not as easy as it seems in fact it is one of the hardest ways of essay writing when it comes to writing in a proper way. In this article, we are discussing reflection essay writing and the role of reflective writing in QQI courses. 

What is reflection essay writing?

Reflection writing is a form of essay writing in which the writer writes an essay about their own experience and the key learning out of that experience. Reflection essay writing is like diary writing but in a more precise and professional way. It includes questions such as

What we have experienced?
What we have learned from the experience?
What we could do differently?
How we could apply the experience in future use? 

Writing and answering these few questions will make your reflection writing effective and will give you an outline or structure in which you can write. Students often seek help at write my essay and get assistance from the experts.

What are the reflection essay writing benefits for QQI students?

Quality and Qualification Ireland students might need to write various reflection essays writing on many topics.  There are many benefits of writing a reflection essay and some of them are

• Helps to identify implicit knowledge

The reflection essay writing is about writing about the 

What, Why, How, so what, now what? It helps students and professor to the existing knowledge and ability to write and convey the exact same experience which the writer has experienced. 

• Helps in subsequent revision or learning

When you write about what you have learned and how you have learned it, it helps to produce new knowledge. Reflective writing shows that you can evaluate the things that you have read, think, and do by writing new possibilities and viewpoints for the same. 

• Encourage growth as a working professional

When you have been asked to write a reflective essay you should draw the connection between the theories and the things you have asked to reflect on. New understandings are created when you draw a connection between the two which helps in growth as a working professional.

Role of reflection writing in QQI courses?

There are various courses in Quality and qualification Ireland courses and many of them require to write a reflective essay. 

For example- Suppose a student is pursuing a nursing course from QQI they can be asked to write a reflection essay about ‘when they encountered an accident for the first time’ now the student will be assessed on how he tackled the situation when he saw the accident, what was his reaction to seeing the blood, what he did as a quick response to the situation, what could have been done, how the situation could have been better, etc. 

The professor can assess the student based upon what and how he writes the reflective essay   

List of Courses 

Hundreds of courses available and some of the courses which can be pursed in the QQI Management course, Administrations, Accounting and Finance, Technology,  Arts, Multimedia, web development, Sports & recreation, airline studies, etc.

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Can I paraphrase my assignment? Why it is bad?

Students face a hard time while writing their assignments. Sometimes it is really tiring work as they have a load of scoring good grades. Some students are not able to write assignments on time while others copy the assignment and get scolded by their tutor or supervisor. Copying assignments or paraphrasing is not a good idea and in this article, we are discussing the reasons why you should avoid paraphrasing.

• Not understanding the original source and getting plagiarised

Paraphrasing is basically writing someone else idea in your own words without changing its original meaning. So, when some students read and try to understand the sources or the original ideas they don’t understand it completely and end up writing the same idea or thoughts in the exact same words. When the tutor or supervisor checks the assignment for plagiarism, the students often get scolded and have to lose marks in the assignment.

• Limited vocabulary

Not every student has a good vocabulary and knows multiple ways to frame a sentence. Due to which even when they understand the original ideas and the sources, they end up writing the same words or frame the sentence in the same way in which the original source is written. This practice also leads to loose marks as the tutor or the supervisor can easily scold such things by themselves or plagiarism checker while going through your assignment.

• Lower grades 

The reason for the low grade of some students is paraphrasing. Even after completing and submitting the assignment on time, you end up being scolded by the tutor or the supervisor and get fewer grades than your peer. This practice of paraphrasing can lead to a bad academic future because of the low grade and habit. You can seek help from the experts at assignment help Ireland to avoid such a situation in your academic career.

• It gives a bad impression to the reader

Apart from the marks or the academic grades, it is not a good practice to be continued. A student should always be honest about their academic practices. When you paraphrase, it leaves a bad impression on the readers and your personality image is damaged in front of the tutor or supervisor and even students sometimes.

• Requires a lot of work and time

Let’s suppose that you are a good writer, you have a great command over the language and your vocabulary is amazing, you have the skills to paraphrase perfectly and not even get scolded for this. The effort requires to be this perfect on this practice is huge and the time required for the same is long. You will end up submitting the assignment late and might not be able to submit. You can seek write my assignment services from the expert and avoid late submission and plagiarism.

In conclusion, paraphrasing should not be practiced by the student as it has some harmful and severe effects on your academic career. You may find tips in paraphrasing and avoiding plagiarism but they work for a limited time you’ll have to be original in order to achieve success in your academics.

Best excuses for not doing homework

Students are often stuck in a situation where they do not want to do the homework or there might be a genuine reason because of which they were not able to complete the homework help. There are times we completely forget that we have do homework and then wonder that how can we get out this situation. Don’t worry; we also remember our times when we used to make excuses for not completing the homework. So, with the help of the experts we have come up with the top excuses you can make for not doing your homework.

  1. Sickness

Sickness is the most commonly used excuse for not doing homework. Sickness is evergreen excuse and it is mostly working. You can tell your teacher that you were not feeling well/you were having a headache/you were having a fever, etc. Tell your teacher that because of this you were not able to complete the homework but surely you will submit it later when you will feel alright.

  1. Forgot the backpack somewhere

This excuse can actually work as it sounds very real. Tell your teacher that while going back home yesterday you visited your relatives and forgot the backpack there and now they are out of the town for some work/for a wedding/for en emergency and therefore you were not able to get the backpack back. You can also tell that you left the backpack in your dad’s car and now he is out of the town of some work and you’ll be able to get the backpack back only after he return home.

  1. Technical problem

If doing your homework involves some technology, this excuse can work. Tell your teacher that you were not able to retrieve the required information online as your computer was not working or the internet was not working. 

  1. Involved in volunteering

This excuse will sound genuine and you might be considered as a good student. Tell your teacher that your society organised a blood donation camp/animal rescue camp/or some social work and you were busy in volunteering at the event. You were helping the old people of the society and were busy in doing that the whole day. The teacher may spare a chance for you after hearing this excuse.

  1. Domestic disaster

This is an old school excuse and also a classy one. Tell your teacher that you experienced a disaster at your house. Your store room caught fire/the electricity pole fell/etc. This excuse can work if you come up with a good convincing point.

  1. Power cut

Power cuts are real and your teacher knows that. Tell your teacher that you experienced a long power cut as a fitting work of a new underground line is going on. Therefore you were not able to complete your homework.

There can be a lot of excuses you can make but remember excuses are not permanent these are just a temporary solution with which you can get out of a situation. You should be honest to your academic to achieve your goals in the life. If you are still wondering to get some assignment help online you can always trust experts and ask to do my assignment online. 

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Why do children need SPHE?

SPHE stand for social, personal and health education. It is a popular school curriculum in Ireland.

The inclusion of a particular curriculum for Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) is one among the most critical features of the primary School Curriculum (1999). The SPHE curriculum consists of a lot of learning experienced and objectives that students are going to be enabled to commence and provides guidance on whole-school planning, organisational aspects related to the topic area, and classroom planning. It draws together numerous programmes that schools were implementing earlier under other subject areas, for instance as a part of their provision for education and civic education. In so doing, it presents a coherent, unified curriculum instead of a series of disjointed programmes which formerly were attended to largely at the discretion of faculties.

The children need SPHE to develop skills related to social, personal and health and their development. In this article we will discuss the need of SPHE education in detail.

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play activity assignment childcare

The need of SPHE for IRISH children:

SPHE is meant to supply particular opportunities to foster the personal well being, health and development of the kid and to assist them to make and maintain supportive relationships and become a lively and responsible citizen in society. The curriculum states that through SPHE, children can develop a framework of values, attitudes, understanding and skills which will regulate their actions and decisions in these areas of their lives, both now and within the future. The curriculum for SPHE incorporates components on sexuality and relationships. Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) includes the acquisition of data and understanding, and therefore the development of attitudes, beliefs and values about relationships, sexual identity and intimacy.

Aim of SPHE curriculum:

The SPHE curriculum is for children from junior infants to sixth class. The aim of SPHE curriculum is:

  • Helps children to become responsible and active citizens.
  • Regulates children’s understanding and self awareness by helping them to manage their own feelings, to cope with change of different kinds, to appreciate and recognise individual abilities.
  • Develops children’s sense of personal responsibility for their own actions and behaviour.
  • Fosters children’s sense of belonging, self confidence and well being.

Strands of SPHE curriculum:

The SPHE curriculum made up of 3 strands:

Strand Infants-2 nd Class Strand Units 3 rd Class-6 th Class Strand Units
Myself ➢ Self-identity

➢ Taking care of my body

➢ Growing and Changing

➢ Safety and Protection

➢ Self-Identity

➢ Taking care of my body

➢ Growing and changing

➢ Safety and protection

➢ Making decisions

Myself and others ➢ Myself and others ➢ My friends and other people

➢ Relating to others

➢ Myself and Others ➢ My friends and other people

➢ Relating to others

Myself and the wider world ➢ Developing citizenship

➢ Media education

➢ Developing citizenship

➢ Media education


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Storytelling & outdoor play activity for child development

The FETAC and QQI students in Ireland get to write essays on topics related to storytelling and outdoor play activity for child development. The student remain confused about how to write assignments on such topics. Therefore we here presenting a sample essay on storytelling and outdoor play activity for child development.

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play activity assignment childcare

Importance of story-telling and outdoor play activity:

Storytelling is a crucial piece of the literacy puzzle. Of all the advantages of encouraging your children to narrate and write stories, i feel the highly amazing one is to make them connected with their creativity. They then take a thought, develop it, then create something they can share. Showing children that they will create is incredibly powerful. It proves that they can be as creative as they need with no limits. The liberty that they feel when their creativity isn’t stifled helps them grow immensely

As they grow old, they will master their creativity. Of course, there are numerous side lessons from storytelling. You can learn spelling, story elements, comprehension, character development, and even speechmaking .

10 storytelling activities for kids:

  1. Storytelling prompts jar
  2. Using maps to tell stories
  3. DIY paper finger puppets
  4. Story stones
  5. DIY story cubes
  6. Family photos
  7. Draw a picture game
  8. Paper dolls in a paper city
  9. Toy box
  10. Upcycled story magnets

Benefits of storytelling for kids:

  • Helps The Kids Know About Their Roots And Culture
  • Help Your Kid Learn Good Values
  • Better learning skills
  • Enhanced vocabulary
  • Help in building better memory
  • Helps in channelizingimagination power and creativity
  • Helps in academics
  • Communication skills
  • Expands their horizons
  • Helps childrento deal with difficult situation

Key points to remember for storytelling:

  • Anytime is good for storytelling! Try that you can share at least one book or story each day.
  • It helps in imagination and brain development, teaches your child about emotions and language, and strengthens your relationship.
  • Babies and young children often enjoy stories, songs and books with good repetition, rhyme and rhythm.
  • You don’t always require to read books. Try looking at picture books, singing songs and rhymes, or telling stories from your culture.

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What qualifications do I need to become an SNA in Ireland?

Looking to become an SNA? SNA is an abbreviation for Special Needs Assistant. As the name suggests, an SNA is someone who assists children with special needs. The primary duty of an SNA is to provide support for children with additional needs.

The SNAs primary role is to provide care and support. Furthermore, SNAs often work in a variety of classroom settings for various ages, although their role is a non-teaching one.

This can be either in mainstream schools or a dedicated special needs school. They work under the supervision of the classroom teacher or school principal.

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How does an SNA work?

Special Needs Assistants (SNA) help teachers in schools, by providing classroom support to pupils with a good range of severe learning, physical or behavioural difficulties. Assistants may go during a special school or in mainstream national and secondary schools. Assistants work under the supervision of the category teacher, helping pupils to realize their learning goals. Other duties depend upon the assistant’s particular job, the type and severity of the pupils’ disabilities and their age but may include:

  • Helping pupils to enhance their independent living skills
  • Supporting pupils in social activities and outings
  • Assisting pupils during therapy sessions
  • Getting to pupils’ physical needs

If you acquire a position of an assistant, you will just be working a couple of hours every week or you may be full-time. Extra skills like sign language, music, art, sport and on are beneficial.

Qualifications required to work as an SNA:

According to the ministry for education and skills the minimum required standard of education for appointment to the post of Special Needs Assistant is:-

  1. A FETAC level 3 major qualification on the National Framework of Qualifications, OR
  2. A minimum of three grade Ds in the Junior Certificate, OR
  3. Equivalent

Role of an SNA:

Emblematic day to day responsibilities of an SNA are:

  • Assisting children with the hygiene requirements such as general hygiene, feeding, clothing and toileting.
  • Assisting the teacher to prepare classroom materials
  • Working with the children inside or outside of the classroom.
  • Assisting children and providing support as required.
  • Ensuring the emotional, social and physical requirements of the children are met.

care skills 5N2770 assignment

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Explain data analysis & tools used for this

The systematic application of statistical and logical techniques to explain the scope of data, modularize the structure of data, condense the representation of data, illustrate via graphs, tables and images, and evaluate statistical inclinations, probability data, to derive meaningful conclusions, is referred as Data Analysis. These analytical procedures enable us to induce the underlying inference from data by eliminating the unnecessary chaos created by the remainder of it. The data generation is a continual process; this makes data analysis endless, iterative process where the gathering and performing data analysis simultaneously. Ensuring data integrity is one among the essential components of data analysis. There are various tools used in data analysis process that we discuss in below paragraph.

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it assignment help

Examples where data analysis is used:

  • Digital advertisement
  • Web search
  • City planning healthcare
  • Customer interaction
  • Risk and fraud detection
  • Transportation

Top 10 data analytics tools:

  1. R programming:

The leading data analytics tool used in industries is R programming. It is widely used for data modelling and statistics. Platforms in which R can be compiled and run are MacOS, Windows and UNIX.

  1. Tableau public:

It is a free software. One can connect any data source such as web based data, Microsoft excel, data ware house etc with real time updates using tableau public.

  1. Python:

Python is an object-oriented scripting language which is easy to maintain, write and read. It is a free open source tool. It has very good machine learning libraries such as Keras, Tensorflow, Theano, Scikitlearn etc.

  1. SAS:

SAS is treated as leader in analytics. It is a programming language and environment used in data manipulation. It can easily analyse data from any sources and is easily accessible and manageable.

  1. Apache spark:

Apache Spark is a fast large-scale data processing engine. It executes applications in Hadoop clusters that is 100 times faster in memory and 10 times faster on disk. Spark is built on data science and its theory makes data science effortless. Spark is also popular for machine learning and data pipelines models development.

  1. Excel:

It is the basic, famous and highly used analytical tool used almost in all industries. Excel is must, even if you are an expert in Tableau, R or SAS.

  1. RapidMiner:

RapidMiner is a powerful integrated data science platform developed by the same company that performs predictive analysis and other advanced analytics like data mining, text analytics, machine learning and visual analytics without any programming.

  1. KNIME:

It is a leading integrated, reporting and open source tools used to model and analyse data through visual programming.

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