What qualifications do I need to become an SNA in Ireland?

Looking to become an SNA? SNA is an abbreviation for Special Needs Assistant. As the name suggests, an SNA is someone who assists children with special needs. The primary duty of an SNA is to provide support for children with additional needs.

The SNAs primary role is to provide care and support. Furthermore, SNAs often work in a variety of classroom settings for various ages, although their role is a non-teaching one.

This can be either in mainstream schools or a dedicated special needs school. They work under the supervision of the classroom teacher or school principal.

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How does an SNA work?

Special Needs Assistants (SNA) help teachers in schools, by providing classroom support to pupils with a good range of severe learning, physical or behavioural difficulties. Assistants may go during a special school or in mainstream national and secondary schools. Assistants work under the supervision of the category teacher, helping pupils to realize their learning goals. Other duties depend upon the assistant’s particular job, the type and severity of the pupils’ disabilities and their age but may include:

  • Helping pupils to enhance their independent living skills
  • Supporting pupils in social activities and outings
  • Assisting pupils during therapy sessions
  • Getting to pupils’ physical needs

If you acquire a position of an assistant, you will just be working a couple of hours every week or you may be full-time. Extra skills like sign language, music, art, sport and on are beneficial.

Qualifications required to work as an SNA:

According to the ministry for education and skills the minimum required standard of education for appointment to the post of Special Needs Assistant is:-

  1. A FETAC level 3 major qualification on the National Framework of Qualifications, OR
  2. A minimum of three grade Ds in the Junior Certificate, OR
  3. Equivalent

Role of an SNA:

Emblematic day to day responsibilities of an SNA are:

  • Assisting children with the hygiene requirements such as general hygiene, feeding, clothing and toileting.
  • Assisting the teacher to prepare classroom materials
  • Working with the children inside or outside of the classroom.
  • Assisting children and providing support as required.
  • Ensuring the emotional, social and physical requirements of the children are met.

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Explain data analysis & tools used for this

The systematic application of statistical and logical techniques to explain the scope of data, modularize the structure of data, condense the representation of data, illustrate via graphs, tables and images, and evaluate statistical inclinations, probability data, to derive meaningful conclusions, is referred as Data Analysis. These analytical procedures enable us to induce the underlying inference from data by eliminating the unnecessary chaos created by the remainder of it. The data generation is a continual process; this makes data analysis endless, iterative process where the gathering and performing data analysis simultaneously. Ensuring data integrity is one among the essential components of data analysis. There are various tools used in data analysis process that we discuss in below paragraph.

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Examples where data analysis is used:

  • Digital advertisement
  • Web search
  • City planning healthcare
  • Customer interaction
  • Risk and fraud detection
  • Transportation

Top 10 data analytics tools:

  1. R programming:

The leading data analytics tool used in industries is R programming. It is widely used for data modelling and statistics. Platforms in which R can be compiled and run are MacOS, Windows and UNIX.

  1. Tableau public:

It is a free software. One can connect any data source such as web based data, Microsoft excel, data ware house etc with real time updates using tableau public.

  1. Python:

Python is an object-oriented scripting language which is easy to maintain, write and read. It is a free open source tool. It has very good machine learning libraries such as Keras, Tensorflow, Theano, Scikitlearn etc.

  1. SAS:

SAS is treated as leader in analytics. It is a programming language and environment used in data manipulation. It can easily analyse data from any sources and is easily accessible and manageable.

  1. Apache spark:

Apache Spark is a fast large-scale data processing engine. It executes applications in Hadoop clusters that is 100 times faster in memory and 10 times faster on disk. Spark is built on data science and its theory makes data science effortless. Spark is also popular for machine learning and data pipelines models development.

  1. Excel:

It is the basic, famous and highly used analytical tool used almost in all industries. Excel is must, even if you are an expert in Tableau, R or SAS.

  1. RapidMiner:

RapidMiner is a powerful integrated data science platform developed by the same company that performs predictive analysis and other advanced analytics like data mining, text analytics, machine learning and visual analytics without any programming.

  1. KNIME:

It is a leading integrated, reporting and open source tools used to model and analyse data through visual programming.

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Improve critical thinking & Problem solving skills through assignments

Critical thinking and problem solving are the important skills that every student in Ireland should have. It helps the student in every aspects of life. Also these skills are important for students in their career making. If any student have these skills, it can help them every part of their life.

Critical thinking is the process of conceptualising, analysing, evaluating, and applying the knowledge to guide one’s action and belief. Information obtained from observation, reflection, experience, learning, communication, and reasoning become the cornerstone of the choices we make.

Problem-solving, meanwhile, is the process of defining an issue , finding its cause, developing or finding an answer , and applying the answer to unravel it. Excellent problem-solving skills are essential tools for career advancement.

The students can easily develop these skills with the help of writing assignments. Different types of assignments demands different skills from students. Dissertation and thesis are important assignments that help students to develop these skills. Therefore they can easily develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills by writing different types of assignments.

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Similarity between Critical thinking & Problem solving:

Critical thinking is defined as meaningful, unbiased decisions or judgments supported the utilization of interpretation, analysis, evaluation, inferences, and explanations of data because it relates to the evidence applied to a selected discipline. Critical thinking differs from student to student as they need different interpretations.

Problem solving is the ability to seek out solutions to problems, overcome challenges, completing difficult tasks through techniques, etc.

Both critical thinking and problem solving are similar as their design is to approach and tackle different challenges. Both critical thinking and problem solving (creative problem solving) involves the subsequent procedure:

  • Identify an objective
  • Conduct research
  • Generate ideas
  • Develop solutions
  • Check whether or not the solutions are appropriate.

Different critical thinking and problem solving skills that students should have:

Critical thinking skills:

  • Research
  • Identification
  • Inference
  • Bias identification
  • Curiosity
  • Relevancy determination

Problem solving skills:

  • Analysis
  • Communication
  • Active listening
  • Teamwork
  • Research
  • Decision making
  • Creativity
  • Dependability

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Tricks to avoid plagiarism while writing essay assignments for Irish colleges

Are you studying in Irish college or university? Then you can understand the importance of submitting plagiarism free college assignments. Plagiarism is the biggest mistake in terms of assignments. It also sometimes leads to punishment or low scores. With the aim of not getting punished or low scores, every student wants to submit plagiarism free assignment. If you are also in search of any method or trick through which you can avoid plagiarism in your assignment, then you have reached the right place.

Here in this article we are going to discuss certain tricks by which one can avoid plagiarism in assignments for Irish colleges.

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Tricks to avoid voluntary plagiarism:

Voluntary plagiarism refers to the plagiarism when a student keenly goes on copying ideas, quotes or text or a complete document. They might copy it from online or offline sources and submit it as their own work without giving credit to the original work. It might be done due to pressure to earn credits, lack of effort, procrastination etc. Tricks to avoid voluntary plagiarism are:

Maintain good rapport with professors:

Voluntary plagiarism are made in extreme conditions when students are not able to do the assignments due to various reasons. If you maintain good rapport with your professor, they can help you and can consider your reason and also can provide you other options too.

Time management:

An effective time management can helps a lot. It is better to plan your assignment in advance inspite of waiting for the last day.

Tricks to avoid involuntary plagiarism:

Involuntary plagiarism can be done if the content gets copy pasted by mistake and unwillingly. It is not as bad as voluntary plagiarism. There are certain methods to avoid involuntary plagiarism.

Take copies of offline citation sources:

Many a time, students use text or quotes from books, periodicals, or maybe encyclopedias that are available within the college library. Since you won’t have access to those offline sources every time, it is easy to forget citing these sources in your assignments. So, it’s better get photocopies of all of your offline sources for citation purposes.

Don’t forget to cite the internet sources:

If you are taking the information of the topic from any internet source then don’t forget to cite it.

Start working on your assignment early:

Begin your work with your assignment as soon as you get it. Don’t delay it for the next day.

Don’t be shy to approach professors when in doubt:

Ask your professor immediately whenever you find any doubt regarding the citation rules. Don’t feel shy to do so.

Read your colleges policies on citation and plagiarism:

Each and every college has different rules for plagiarism. So carefully read and understand plagiarism policy of your college.

Educate yourself about plagiarism:

As you are a college student, it is very necessary for you to understand what is plagiarism and what is not.

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Top 10 Ireland Universities for International students| Best Universities for students

Top-ranked Irish Universities for International Students

Ireland serves as one of the wealthiest nations in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. From the past few years, the country has become the most preferred destination for higher studies. The students from other countries looking for world-class education take admission to the topmost university of Ireland. Studying in Ireland for both Irish and international students means taking advantage of efficient and cost-effective study materials.

Irish Universities are placed among the best universities across the world. For international students, there is a vast variety of grants, scholarships, and supports to help account the degree. There are numerous universities in Ireland, where students can become graduates to get engaged in reputed companies and accomplish their career goals.

List of Topmost Universities in Ireland                                                                  

  1. Trinity College Dublin

Founded in 1592, it is one of the oldest universities in Ireland. The students seeking to blend educational excellence along with social activities prefer taking admission to Trinity College Dublin. The international students can explore various cultural events, sports activities, academic assignments, research papers, and many more while studying here. The university prepares the students with efficient knowledge and proficient skills, which is beneficial to achieve the desired goals. In the World University Rankings, this university has been ranked the best university in Ireland. Additionally, these university ranks as 101st in the QS World University Rankings.

  1. Technological University Dublin

The university is the 3rd leading university in Ireland offering pathways to graduation, post-graduation, doctorate, and other courses for international students. The students can find several courses in TU having different fee structures. Along with it, there are many scholarship and funding options available, which help the students to get the best education at affordable prices.

  1. University College Dublin

The university is ranked among the top 1% universities across the world. University College Dublin, also known as UCD is recently graded 168th in the QS World University Rankings. Additionally, UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School serves as one of the leading business schools across the globe. The students get a chance to explore the business, accounting, finance, marketing, management, and many other subjects effectively. The university offers an MBA course, which is positioned 25th in the rankings of European Business School and 70th globally.

  1. University of Limerick

The university is a well-focused and globally renowned platform with more than 10,000 students. UL has a reliable record of research, excellent scholarship opportunities, and innovation in the field of higher studies. Some of the courses involve 72 programs for under-graduate and 103 for the post-graduate in various departments. The students get assigned day-to-day homework and several projects, which help in developing research and management skills among them.

  1. Dublin City University

The university located in an 85- acre campus serves as the one of the young universities in Ireland. The computing department, engineering, and business school of DCU are among the greatest in Ireland. The university offers numerous programs along with social activities, which help in developing learning skills among the students.

  1. National University of Ireland, Galway

NUI Galway, founded in 1845, is situated on the western coast of Ireland. Currently, across 17,000 students are enrolled among which 2000 are international students. The university is ranked in the top 2% universities across the globe. The students generally find an excellent quality of teaching and research.

  1. Maynooth University

It is one of the internationally ratified universities, which is developing at a rapid rate globally. This top-ranked university is a place of the modern environment and research-driven platform. The students can explore various programs at graduate, post-graduate, and Ph.D. levels. The university accommodates over 12,000 students from across 90 nations. The university offers numerous subjects like engineering, business, sciences, social sciences, law, mathematics, and many more.

  1. University College Cork

The university founded in 1845, is a crucial part of the three Queen’s Colleges. For the five times, University College Cork has been named Irish University. It offers over 120-degree courses in humanities, food and nutritional sciences, law, science, business architecture, dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, clinical therapies, nursing, and many. Whether the students seek career in the science field, management field, business line, or any course, this university always serves as the best option for international students.

  1. Limerick Institute of Technology

The international students coming to Ireland to enjoy an active student experience can take admission to LIT. The students will find an affordable education along with the various academic amenities. The university is considered one of the 14 member colleges among the Technological Higher Education Association.

  1. Waterford Institute of Technology

The university located in Waterford City has access to the various coastlines. Apart from the best education, students from foreign countries can gain brilliant recreational opportunities. Along with it, the cost of living in this Irish city is quite reasonable as compared to other cities.

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How can you make your dissertation more attractive?

There are many students who need to write dissertation during their study time. Some enjoy writing these dissertations while some need to face a lot of struggle to come up with such writings. Also there are students who think that they don’t have the impressive writing skills to write an attractive dissertation, also some don’t find enough time to write such lengthy tasks. Here we provide some useful tips to write an attractive dissertation from the experts of dissertation help Ireland:


  • Choose your advisor wisely:

As we all know that an advisor may be a one that can stop or award the finest grades to the scholars. The essential aim of writing down the premium quality dissertation is to urge the finest grades. Therefore, the scholars should attempt to choose such an advisor for his or her dissertation who is cooperative with the scholars. There is no need to choose an advisor for your dissertation who have the rude personality. Its reason is that you simply will never be ready to get advice and assistance from such an advisor.

  • Write sooner:

To write a dissertation may be a paralyzed process for the scholars because of its length and importance. You will get a thought about the importance of your dissertation by knowing that your dissertation won’t only be reviewed by your advisor but it will even be reviewed by your supervisor. Therefore, you ought to attempt to spend an adequate amount of your time to pick an efficient topic, to conduct an efficient research, to research the collected data, and to write down the dissertation during a unique and original way. Therefore, the sole approach to create a monument of your dissertation is to commence the dissertation writing process as soon as possible.

  • Write continuously:

Once, you have got started the dissertation writing process, then you ought to attempt to write it continuously by making an efficient plan, an overview, and a timetable. On the opposite hand, if you are getting to write down the dissertation without making an efficient plan and timetable, then it is almost impossible for you to finalize the dissertation writing process before the deadline. Moreover, to write down the dissertation during a continuous manner is additionally a crucial method to get the perfection in your dissertation writing task.

  • If there occurs writer’s block, then move to the other:

To write down such a lengthy piece of writing, there is an opportunity of occurrence the writer’s block. Because of this writer’s block, you are unable to further proceed the dissertation writing task. Under such a situation, you ought to attempt to move to the opposite section and check out to return thereto section after a short time.

  • Take careful notes:

To write down the premium quality dissertation, it is necessary for the scholars to collect the info from the various sources. While reading out the info from the various resources, the scholars should attempt to prepare the careful notes.

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How to write a perfect thesis coursework to make a high score?

Devoting an adequate amount of time to come up with and structure your written work whereas at university is vital, however, once it involves that broad thesis, it is essential that you just prepare well.

From deciding on a subject and bobbing up with a title, to the instant you hand it in, the method is absolute to offer you feelings of pleasure, self-doubt, panic, and elation. See our five ways to manage student stress by the best assignment help Ireland expert.

Irrespective of whether or not it is you are college man, Masters or Ph.D. thesis you are train up for, the subsequent pointers ought to assist keep you heading in the right direction.


Select your research topic carefully:

It is of vital importance that you should choose the research topic very carefully. The topic that you choose to write should be meaningful and engaging.

Check your requirement:

Carefully check all your requirements such as:

  • What academic writing looks like in your discipline
  • The word count
  • The date of submission
  • The structure of your thesis
  • The types of sources used and how they used

Have a clear goal and structure:

Always be clear with your goal of writing your thesis. Also be accurate with the structure of your thesis paper and assign time for each part of your thesis such as:

  • Reading and researching
  • Gathering and data analysis
  • Structuring and restructuring
  • Drafting and redrafting
  • Proofreading
  • Printing and binding

Write as you go:

Start writing instantly, and use the writing method as a tool to assist you higher perceive the subject. Make sure you have addressed everything you wish to hide once a part or section is finished. Every ought to serve its own specific operate, linking well with the remainder of the content.

Continue to question:

Remember to raise yourself however powerfully you are convinced by a selected clarification or interpretation and why, and whether or not there are any probably valid alternatives.

Don’t underestimate the editing stage:

A thorough editing method is significant to making sure you turn out a well-structured, coherent and polished piece of task. Leave yourself decent time to have interaction along with your writing at variety of levels – from reassessing the logic of the complete piece, to proofreading, to check you have got paid attention to aspects like the proper spelling of names and therefore theories and the needed referencing format.

Enjoy the achievement:

If you have used your time efficiency and adhered to an idea, even though things do not go precisely however you envisaged, there is not any got to panic. Remember, you have chosen your thesis topic with careful thought, therefore ignore any irrational thoughts regarding presumably beginning once more from scratch.

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Report writing help for completing college assignments is common for Irish Students

Of the many college assignments and tasks assigned to Irish students, the foremost questioning one is report writing. You would like to exhibit all of your data and economical writing skills to come up with an excellent report. Assistance with report writing is the best choice if you discover any issue in it. Singapore assignment help offers an exclusive variety of services besides assistance with report writing.

Report writing help could be a common charm from students. Skilled report writers convey analyzed facts to the readers and not arguments. Assistance with report writing considers completely different aspects. Readers scan through reports for info instead of literary data. Not like ancient essay writing forms, help with report writing emphasize on the acknowledgment of the sources so as to avoid plagiarism issue. The fashion of writing ought to be less discursive not like essay writing.


Our help with report writing replicates additional direct and economic use of language. When developing your discussions, you would like to create thoughtful and sensible recommendations followed by applicable conclusions, supported by proof and analysis of the report.

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